Will I get my wallet back?

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  1. Hi all,
    I took my emilie wallet in for repair today since it was peeling at the sides and i haven’t had it for even a year. Since the store was closing soon, the SA told me he’d hold onto it and confirm pricing for the repair for me tomorrow and see if he could do a replacement. Well, I must’ve lost my mind because I left it and didn’t get proof I left it there or his name. What are the odds something will happen and they’ll have no idea what happened to it when I go to pick it up? I’m nervous and so mad at myself for not asking for proof!!
  2. I hope you called the store as soon as you realized this. Or if they were already closed by the time you got home, the next day. I'm sure if you explained what happened, they will assist the best they can.
  3. 21%
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  4. Do you have an updated status?