will i get a sticky LV interior?

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  1. i have a Blois purse in excellent condition inside and out. the date code is
    july 2003.

    what caused the problem of sticky interiors i just so happen to read about on ebay? are those mainly for the vintage bags or ANY bag with that brown pocket lining can become sticky? anything pre-2000's is considered vintage?

    i live in Vancouver, humidity isn't really a huge problem here.
    i might however carry some of those silica pockets to prevent the stickiness from occurring!
  2. I think you really only need to worry about it if you live somewhere extremely humid. I live in a dry climate and have owned my zippy wallet for 10 years (bought it brand new at the boutique in 2006). The pockets are similar to that of the blois and they've never gotten sticky or flaky.

    I've seen the pockets of wallets and agendas do the same peeling, but I've never personally experienced it. Enjoy your bag. :smile:
  3. Hi I have a blois too and i love it. :smile:
  4. hey bag twin! love the Blois too!
  5. Hi mitzdemeanor & jodiekh

    I am currently eyeing a vintage blois in monogram. Does any of you have stickiness problem inside ?

    I’ve heard this problem in LV bucket.. but never heard before happens in blois..

    The only LV mono vintage I have is Noe around 1990s and there is no such problem..

    Would like to hear your experiences on the blois :heart:
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