Will I get a refund or anything?

  1. I have owned a batignolles bag since September. I bought it off eluxury. I have recently noticed that on the "leather-tab" thing that the handles are connected too, there is a piece of string unraveling.

    If i take it into LV store can i get a new bag. Or can i get a refund. Or can they fix it in anyway. also i purchased the bag from elux so i dont know if they will take it in? so please help me, lol im only 14. and im in desperate need of help!
  2. If you've had the bag since September, you will not get a refund. I don't live in the States so I'm not familiar with eluxury's policies. But up in Canada, the refund/exchange policy is 14 days only.

    It may be possible for you to take the bag in for repair. Phone a boutique and inquire.
  3. oh...
  4. I think they (LV store) will be able to fix that for you.
  5. If it's something "relatively" minor, like a string unraveling, I think the boutique should be able to repair it fairly quickly, so I don't think you have anything to worry about. :smile:
  6. ok thanks!
  7. You're welcome! :smile:
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  9. Thank you! :biggrin: