Will I ever find these shoes, or should I buy the alternative?

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  1. So, like many people, I fell in love with the Marc by Marc Jacob's mouse flats. Unfortunately, I never found them in my size by the time I knew I "needed" them. ;)

    Now I just found these MbMJ shoes...

    They aren't they exact ones I wanted (I wanted the leather ones) but I'm afraid that Marc Jacob's won't be coming out with any mouse shoes again, and thus I will be without.

    Does anyone have any idea if there will be a new style of mouse flat this year? Do you like these ones? Should I grab them? Thanks for any input!
  2. OMG, I love love love these shoes. My callsign is Mouse! I have to have them!! (there goes my shoe ban)

    go for it!!!
  3. WOW those are gorgeous! So very cutee! Lol oh my hubbies looking at me all weird because im getting so excited about these.
  4. i love these!!
  5. Thanks for all the responses... I caved and bought them.

    Thanks for the link, Lori. Unfortunately, I have little feet (size 6) and no mice on endless are that small. :smile: