will I ever find the matching bag?

  1. :crybaby:
    shoes.jpg me.jpg
  2. I've seen similar medallions but never in black.. I'll keep an eye out if I see one!
  3. I like those heels! I hope you find your matching bag.. They would be hot together
  4. lol..thithi's avatar matches your shoes. They are gorgeous by the way. Good luck finding the matching bag.
  5. Thanks Ronda! I did contact the seller but she hasn't responded to me yet, I think she is just ignoring me:crybaby:
  6. too late, was it you?:crybaby: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:
  7. No i didn't get the bag but I was wondering who did.
  8. the same one that it is bidding in the suspected "shill bidding" auction I was talking about in my other posting