Will I ever find a Legacy Striped Muffler?

  1. I am so sad! I have the cute beret, now I need the muffler. There is one on eBay at the moment but other than that, where could I find one?

    I wish there was somewhere you could call and give your name to in case a specific item comes in (like LV customer service).
  2. riverside had it last time i was there.

    i would have gotten it too if it didnt have fussy tassels. but the knit is too cute though! i hope you can find one before the holidays!
  3. i thought you could add your name to a list? they did it for me with the stripe flats...(until, of course, they decided to not make anymore)
  4. Yeah, I waited too long to try to get this one also. Sniff.