Will I even be able to get this bag? =o(

  1. Ok so I started a thread Help me decide what bag to get because im trying to narrow down my decision.

    The post from Ms. Whitney:heart: said I probably wouldn't be able to get this bag Coach 4 durring PCE.

    I was just wondering if this bag will not be in stores at the end of March or do you think they will be sold out? Could the Coach store order it for me from the warehouse and would I be able to use my 25% off coupon?

    If ms. Whitney or Sprinkles or anyone else has any answers I would much appreciate it!!

    Thanks Ladies!!:heart: :love: :heart:
  2. I've seen older versions of the signature satchel remain in stock in previous PCE events because I was considering buying one. But if not, they could always order it for you during the PCE and you can have it shipped to the store or to your home. You shouldn't worry too much about it. ;)
  3. yea dont worry over it. if they can they will order it for you.