Will I be using an MC bag in five years?

  1. Hi everyone. All of the posts about MC, and how current they are, etc, have gotten me to thinking. As you know, I am waiting for a credit from ELux to my bank account, at which time I will be heading over to the LV boutique in San Francisco. My original plan was to pick up a Mono Speedy 35 and another bag or accessories, to be determined when I get there. A couple of days ago, I started to consider buying a Multicolor bag instead, probably the Alma (it is my favorite MC style, and I own one in mono canvas). If I buy the MC Alma, I can not buy another bag or any accessories for a while.

    My dilemma is that the two polls recently done on this board show that even 40% of TPFers feel the MC canvas is not in style any longer. I personally think it is still very hot, BUT will it be in five years? For the cost of an LV bag, I want to know I will be using it for years to come. I know a mono Speedy 35, or a Damier bag, for example, will be wearable and fashionable in 5, or even 10 or more years. Do you think that a multicolor Alma will be just as relevant, fashionable, and a pleasure to wear in five years as it is now? I know I should wear what I like, but I admit I do give some little consideration to what is in style.

    So, should I buy some safe basics, like my Speedy and a Damier bag this time, and see what flashy new bags may come out in time, or should I get the one fancy multiclor bag now?

    i really appreciate your input, and it will help me decide.:yes:
  2. I think only you can make this decision. You are going to see a whole list of differing opinions on this. I personally go with my own gut, and if I LOVE the bag, I will buy it and carry it. LV is pretty timeless. What about Graffiti bags? how old are they? People still carry them, right?

    I own two MC accessories. I love them, and I don't care whether or not they are trendy. As I said in another thread, just because something is trendy, it doesn't really influence my choices. There are plenty of very popular, fashionable bags that do nothing for me.

    MC bags are beautiful, and if you want to carry one (REALLY want to), you should.
  3. I think the Mono will last forever. It is their signature design. The other designs (some quite crazy in my opinion) will be in and out in a flash, no matter their cost. By the way, why buy at a boutique when ELux has no sales tax. I didn't like a MJ bag I bought there so they shipped my new LV Manhattan PM out with no shipping/handling charges or tax. They also reimbursed me for the previous shipping charges!! That is a company I will continue to do business with. JMHO
  4. Because in California (and Tennessee), we have to pay tax on elux purchases.
  5. I don't think MC will be "out of style" anytime soon. I think any LV will always be in style: MC, mono, damier, LE, etc. I have a MC Alma, & think it's beautiful. It is a very feminine bag, which I love. Here's mine:
  6. I personally am ultra conservative when it comes to bag design. My bags therefore last me a long time. I tend to stick to neutral colors ...brown, black, sometimes dark red, no heavy metalwork or tassels. But that's just me.

    Don't worry about what other people think. If you feel comfortable wearing it, do!
  7. I don't think it will ever go out of style. It re-invigorated the LV line and it is history. Honestly, it's what got me into LV. I didn't even know what LV was until I started seeing these bags around.
    They are timeless and beautiful. They are a variation on an already classic canvas.
    buy what you love and use what you buy and you'll never go wrong.
  8. oooh, KathyD, Your Alma MC is so lovely with the Panda Cles!
  9. I know I will, but as others have said, that's a personal decision...it's up to you to decide! :yes:
  10. I still see myself carrying MC bags for the next 5 years..As long as we have Summer and Spring, MC will always be carried!
  11. I still love mine & I have had since it first came out. I think the bag will always suit when you want to carry a fun bag or liven up an outfit. Of course you must really like it & be sure you won't go off it quickly.
  12. i have liked MC since 2003 and that was 4 years ago...
  13. if you're worried why not get a small MC bag...I myself have outgrown the MC Speedy..but am thinking of a MC pochette to brighten up my outfits...
  14. Agreed! If you love it then go for it! I know I will still be rocking MC bags in five years.

  15. I will use my MC Speedy and Theda forever whether or not they are "In style". I LOVE them.:love: They were my very first LVs and I had a very difficult time getting them each during hurricanes Frances and then Jeanne. So they are very sentimental to me also.

    As a matter of fact I always disliked LV Mono....boring....I only have one Mono bag- Manhattan PM. As mentioned in someones else's post above, the MC line is also what got me liking LV in the first place. Always thought LV was too "old looking" and "stuffy"

    But of course it depends on what YOU like.