Will I be too late?? Hehe

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  1. Hello tpfers! So i've been bitten buy the hermes bug lately and I want to buy an hermes handbag soon! I've done many research and even tried some at the boutique and I decided that I want to jump in straight for the birkin in some type of versatile color (brown, black, blue family). I'm 21 years old right now and I'm still in school now and don't really feel so comfortable carrying birkins now (i don't really have time to dress up right now hehe). So, I'm thinking I'm going to get it when I'm 23-24.

    What do you guys think? Should I get it now or later when I'm 23-24 and out of school?
    Will I be too late?
    How old were you guys with your first birkin? :yahoo:TIA!
  2. What's the definition of too late? Some of the lovely ladies here got their Birkins in their 30s and 40s and later. It's never too late!
  3. The bags are definitely not going to go out of style anytime soon, if that's what you mean by "being too late!"
  4. if you have the money go for it. prices increase up to 16% per year - 8% approx 2x a year. so if you wait for a couple of years you're better off getting it now.
  5. OMG really?? 16% per year?? I need to get it now then!!
  6. late for what?!

    i suppose if you NEED the bag today or tomorrow, then getting it 2-3 years later will be late. :lol: but birkin is a luxury (at least for most), so i can only assume that it is not a necessity for you, like it is for most people.

    many things appreciate in value over time, real estate, some jewelries and many other items. don't buy it today just because it will be more expensive tomorrow but rather that you can use and enjoy the item today for what it is!

    if you are buying it for investment, there are far better items out there who will provide better returns on the $$$ investments!

    just my two cents! :amuse:
  7. I could not agree more with hanyeu........... Well said...........;)
  8. I think you just answered your own question.

    Birkins are a sizable investment. Don't get one just to jump on the bandwagon or to ensure you aren't the last on the train. They'll still be around even when you're 60. If you have no place in your lifestyle for a Birkin now, then now is not the time for one.
  9. ^^^
    ITA. If you aren´t comfortable carrying one, why even consider buying one?
  10. Too late for what? I will get one...some day... and the only way i'd be too late is if i died IN the store, cash in hand, before the SA forked over the bag, lol.

    I say the sooner one gets it, the longer one can enjoy it!!!
  11. Oh, and I just wanted to add: If you have fallen hard for Hermes and want to own a piece, look at the small leather goods and/or the other handbags.

    Hermes makes plenty of school-appropriate bags (e.g. Lindy, Victoria, GP etc) and accessories that may make you feel more comfortable using them.
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    ...and the Jypsiere! another school-appropriate bag! Wish I were young! Wish I'd planted my money tree earlier...wish I hadn't discovered H!! I used to live perfectly fine without H, why oh why???
  13. Well I am 22 and got my first birkin a few months ago- I do not feel 'too young' to carry one and it fits in with my life. No I don't take it to uni an use it as a book bag but I carry it elsewhere!
    I think it depends on yourself and if you would use it- like others have said there is no point in getting a birkin if your not going to use it! There are other options if you are a more casual person!
  14. We used to live fine without H, but now life is BETTER with H! :P
  15. I too am confused as to why it would be too late to get a Birkin at 23 yrs old. Don't buy one just because of price increases either, unless you find the exact one you want and love. Prices increase for everything (eggs, milk, clothes, etc), but it's no reason to buy a very very expensive bag NOW that you aren't even going to use right now.