Will.I.Am hates bootlegers....

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    "I check MySpace and I look on YouTube to see who posts up phone clips of the show first. They get arrested."

    Can you believe this guy? He's filthy rich already.... yet he still asks for more...


    source: CelebrityWonder.com - The Latest Updates
  2. Yeah I'm sure he's up right now combing through myspace. LOL!
  3. hahah that's stupid! oh no someone has a crappy phone cam recording! In my opinion it works in their favour.
  4. Funny !!
  5. what an ass.
  6. What a jerk....who is he?
  7. :whistle:Sounds like he finds bootlegs as offensive as designers do fake handbags......
  8. Vids of their concerts? Wow, what a loser. MONEY HUNGRY!!
  9. He's with The Black Eyed Peas (you know, with Fergie?). They did such hits as My Humps and Don't Funk With My Heart.
  10. I could understand how he wouldn't like people illegally downloading his music but I don't understand the logic in this. If someone recorded a Black Eyed Peas concert on their phone, they've already paid for the concert ticket.

    Now, if they put that video on Youtube, it's not like people are going to say, "Well, the Black Eyed Peas are coming to my home town, but I saw the concert on Youtube, so I don't need to buy tickets."
  11. Loser.
  12. agree!