Will humidity change my skin?

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  1. So I'm going to Dubai in a few weeks, and before I go I want to buy my face moisturizer.. The only thing is where I live, it's hot and dry, but in Dubai it's hot and really humid. My skin is a little oily now with some surface dryness, so I use a cream. Should I buy a lotion instead of my regular cream because of the humidity? Also, I don't usually use lotions because they don't help the bit of dryness on my face, but will the humidity take care of that?
  2. I doubt everyone's skin reacts the same, but I have oily & dry skin that loves humidity. I prefer to use a lotion in the morning but I stick to a cream at night (but I generally sleep with air con on). Hope you enjoy your trip.
  3. It can effect your skin, when we first moved to Okinawa, my skin freaked out. But now I use the gel moisturizer during the day, and a thick cream at night. My skin is better now
  4. My skin hates the humidity, it makes me feel even greasier than normal. I have pretty dry skin and use a moisturizing gel.
  5. I grew up in humidity (almost 100% all year) and when I hit dry climates, my skin doesn't know what to do with itself. I found that the best moisturizer is Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion for oily skin, but they also make a formula for combination skin.
  6. I have dry skin so my skin LOVES humidity. Seriously, I can look 10 years younger when I am in a humid area.. My skin has aged ever since I moved to the east coast and have to endure the moisture-less winters. =(
  7. I live in a humid climate so my skin dries up when I'm in drier climates. I recommend using a light lotion nothing too heavy as it'll leave you feeling sticky. Enjoy Dubai!
  8. I live in a super dry climate so whenever I go on a trip to somewhere humid I need to make some adjustments to my skincare (and hair) routines. I find I don't need to moisturize as much, I usually just moisturize my face at night so that my skin doesn't end up too oily. I have oily skin even at home so when I'm on vacation it can get even worse :sad: I don't change what I actually use though.

    Have a great time in Dubai! I would love to go there someday.
  9. Thanks all :smile:
  10. Really depends on many factors. My skin LOVES humidity I look 100 times better when there is high humidity and I never break out, unlike other ppl who have problems with humidity. I would only suggest a light textured high spf lotion for your skin. Have a great time!
  11. in a humid climate, my skin feels oily and greasy. thus, more prone to breakouts. so a lighter lotion would do. humidity itself will help ease the dryness in your skin