Will Heloise go on sale?

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  1. Has anyone heard from their SA if the Heloise will go on sale? I know the sales are just starting, but I'm just curious. I think the Heloise is so pretty IRL.

  2. :angel:I guarentee you not the one I want!
  3. Everything comes to she who waits. It will go on sale. Maybe not this holiday season but sometimes in the Spring or later. Meanwhile save the moolah...
  4. The sales thus far are very interesting, so be patient, better sales are soon to come.
  5. i hope the heloise goes on sale, I'd love one, but not quite enough to pay full price, so it is my only chance of getting one!
  6. I want the heloise to go on sale too!:girlsigh:The only thing that I've seen so far is when Bloomies had there F&F sale. So it was only 20% and I'm waiting for a better discount. Here's hoping for all of us that we all get the heloise of our choice at a great price!:drinkup:
  7. absolutely- fingers crossed :yes:
  8. i want the small one! so cute!:smile:
  9. Bloomingdale's F&F is giving 20% off on Chloe including the Heloise. I know it's not much, considering the great sales lately, but I'm afraid the one(s) I want are going to sell out. I also just got off the phone with NM and they have the red one on pre-order. They are expecting 10 more (only 10 - AFAIK)
    Full price, but this will sell out for sure. I thought it already had. I haven't been able to find one anywhere. Has anyone seen it lately? Thanks
  10. I don't think you'll see the major mark downs on the Heloise until after christmas......
  11. I just saw this gorgeous bag at Nordstrom, Mall of America! Aaron was so excited to show it to me, because it is the last one available in all their stores.
    He has the red one (vermillion) at full price ($1525) :crybaby:.
  12. Maybe if we all wish hard enough, they'll go on sale... ah if only it worked that way.

    Until then the red one can haunt me all day and all night long.
  13. I love that bit one with the flat area on top and I would love to get it in red. Sigh - so would 50 million other gals.
  14. I'd really like a brown or black small heloise- I'm hoping that because the red one is the really desired one, i might be more likely to get a steal in one of my preferred colours after Christmas.