Will Gucci stores authenticate bags?

  1. I'm thinking of buying this Gucci bag from some1 on eBay in person. Is it a good idea to tell them to meet me in a Gucci store to authenticate the bag before I pay for it? Will Gucci SA authenticate the bag for me? Please help!! Thanks so much!
  2. I don't think they will... if the bag is available at Saks, I will go to Saks instead, their SAs are much more helpful.
  3. No Gucci SA will help you at all when it comes to authenticating bags
  4. The most they might do is tell you to compare a real one with the one you bring in side by side and give the fake one looks of disgust (if its fake)..
  5. Thanks every1 for your replies. Do you think I'll be able to spot the fake bag once I have the real bag next to it to compare? Excuse my ignorance. I've never had a Gucci bag before. Thanks again!
  6. Why don't you check out the bag you want at Gucci before buying?
  7. Well if you are thinking of buying from eBay as you mentioned, you can have people on this site authenticate it on the "authenticate this" thread before you buy it. Going to a store and looking at it as beejerry said is a good idea, but if you're comparing that to pictures online it would be a little hard. With most fakes you will be able to tell straight away when comparing the 2 in a store if one is a fake or not. If its a really good replica you may not be able to..

    For everything on ebay, check the sellers feedback, what they've previously sold, how long they've been a member. Try to find out the retail price of the bag and compare it to the seller's price..no one would sell a real bag for pennies. Post pics (or a link to the auction) on the Authenticate this thread. Ask the seller as many questions as you like, however they may just be lying to you. An honest seller wouldn't be shy about answering questions and would try to give detailed answers. Hope that helps some.:smile:
  8. Honestly I wouldn't bother. Some of the SA's in my opinion dont' know much. Plus all the want are sales so if you go in asking for a favour and you are not a regular customer they will not be happy to serve you. Not that I have done it before but from the way I get treated at my local boutique I can imagine that they would do that.

    Post pics of it in the --- Authenticate This Gucci --- thread. Just to get an opinion. If it is an obvious fake, the ladies will let you know. It will save you a lot of hassle.
  9. The SA's just want your business so bad. At our Los Angeles TPF Get together last weekend we went in to Gucci and we had a really nice presentation by the store manager. I asked about Bluefly and she all but said they sell fakes. Then she went on to say Eluxury also sells fakes and that if you do not buy it from Gucci, NM, Saks or Nordstrums that it will be fake.

    Once she said Eluxury sells fakes I really began to doubt her.
  10. i was told that they are actually not allowed to.
  11. I tried once...nope!
  12. LOL..once I won 300$ from elux and wanted to use it for a bag. Ended up being a versace with retail $1850 or something. I went into a boutique to check it out in real life, loved it, but upon the SA pressing me to buy it I had to tell her about elux. She and this other male SA checked it out on their computer and started dissing it "oh these are so last season etc, they don't have any new stuff blah blah". They were real sweet SAs but maybe so only because they wanted me to buy it from them. Elux did indeed have in-season bags, so I got my bag (which was in season..lol).

    Anyway that had nothing to do with gucci so sorry, just pointing out that there are some nice ones and some that just want sales, every designer brand everywhere.

    Also, I was wondering why you were discussing elux ^^ with a gucci manager/SA? They don't sell gucci do they?

  13. What happened when she was doing her presentation for us, I asked what she knows about Bluefly. That is when she said that unless you buy directly from Gucci, NM, Saks or Nordstom's you will not be getting a real bag. NO ONE else sells their bags. Then out of the blue she then mentioned Eluxury as place that "claim" to sell real bags. I thought it was odd that she would mention Elux when they don't sell Gucci. Right when she said that, I really started doubting her. There is no way Elux sells any thing fake. I have no idea why SHE brought up Elux, unless she meant Ebay and said Elux by mistake. I don't know.

    I just think they can not endorse anyplace that is not licensed to sell their products.
  14. ah I see, yes perhaps she meant ebay..but still. pretty funny..
  15. hehe that is funny :graucho: