Will gucci ship you a purse from another country?

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  1. Hello Everyone

    If you see a gucci bag that is no longer available for sale in US. Can you get have gucci ship you that bag to your house in the US?

    Thank you,
  2. You could try but I always thought that Gucci won't ship overseas. So you would order it Gucci online in your country. However if it's a department store like Saks or NM, they will ship overseas.
  3. :yes: That is my understanding too
  4. Thank you
    It's a Gucci Boston purse at Saks fifth avenue but now it's all sold out as a pre order. I've already called Saks and they said that they don't know when it will be back in stock. This purse is available in Australia at Gucci.com. But isn't available at Gucci.com in the USA.
  5. Ah, OK, Gucci.com Australia will not send it to the US BUT, if Saks had it then you know it's very likely to be available in the US (and not an Oz exclusive). Take the model number and get a store to order it in, perhaps they (US stand alone store) can then send it to you :cool:

    The best of luck

  6. Good idea. Thank you.