Will Gucci go the way of Michael Kors/Coach?

Is the Gucci brand going to end up devaluing itself with its growing popularity?

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Oct 26, 2010
While Gucci is a level up from Michael Kors and Coach, I was wondering if you guys think it will end up with a similar fate to Michael Kors and Coach? Since it's super hyped up now and popular (esp with the Kardashian crowd), and so many people are sporting the logo (the belt is everywhere, bags, etc.), it seems like it's risking having an oversaturated brand where once too many people wear it, it starts to become devalued. Also doesn't help that it has an outlet store and is carried at Nordstrom Rack etc. When NR and Off 5th type places have sales, I see hordes of women swarming all the Gucci as probably the top brand that they want to purchase, and I get the feeling it's starting to have an "aspirational luxury" vibe vs exclusivity. I'm not super familiar with the brand myself but I am really starting to see it everywhere I turn these days!


Apr 21, 2011
If LV is still afloat with the millions of canvas items they produce each year, I doubt Gucci will be going anywhere.

Eventually the brand might fall out of favour as it has many times in the past but I don’t doubt they will survive.

They used to run huge discounts at the end of each season and have since stopped doing so.

Personally though, I haven’t bought a thing since Frida was replaced by Alessandro.