Will Greige survive CDN winter?

  1. Okay..my birthday b-bag colour decision is down to two- truffle or greige. I actually sort of (okay, desperately) want the Greige, but I am worried about how much I might have to baby it with the slush and salt and acid rain or whatever else comes down in winter. Do you think it will hard to take care of? I'm just worried that the Truffle will get lost in all of my dark fall/winter outfits while the Greige would 'pop'. I can't decide on my own but the winter care thing would make it final for me..please weigh in:smile:
  2. I think there is just enough color in Greige that you wouldn't have to baby it too much. I had the most beautiful Greige City from BalNY but I sent it back as it didn't seem to work with my clothes. It's gorgeous though! I have Truffle as well, and IMO it's gorgeous but it does not POP.
  3. I'm voting for Greige! It's gorgeous and the colour isn't too light. It's the perfect shade for winter... =)
  4. i just bought the truffle or dark chocolate of this season and it is gorgeous so i think u shold see that color
  5. I am loving the way Greige looks! I've wanted a light bag, but I'm so darn paranoid about it yellowing, fading, getting dirty, etc. Greige seems dark enough where you won't have to worry about that. It is a nice neutral color, too.
  6. I recently got a Black City, then shortly thereafter a Greige one... I wanted a lighter color for the summer months. I am soooo happy with it. It's dark enough that it won't get dirty, but light enough to pop. I almost feel guilty that I haven't used the black one, and I am seriously considering using the greige one for the winter as well.

    I am in BC and I am not the least bit concerned, I think as long as you don't drag it through the slush, strap it to the roof of your car, or carry snow in it, you should be fine:yes:
  7. I am originally from Canada too so I know what you are worried about. I think that greige is cool enough that even as it ages it is only going to enhance the look of it. I had a lighter caramel from last spring summer and I was very careful making sure I looked before I would set it on a table or something, and it really held up well. You would never know I used it EVERDAY for over a year. Any wear on it just sort of looked natural, but again - I was pretty conscious of it. BUT I think when you spend this kind of money on something like this, to some degree you have already thrown a bit of practicality out the window so you should have something you ABSOLUTELY love! Get the one you really want because I think if you don't you will regret it. Also, there are threads here that talk about protecting your bag with appleguard etc that you could look into to help you with some of your concerns.
    Get the GREIGE!
  8. Oooo, I REALLY want the Greige and you've all helped so much!
    My last concern is whether it will turn yellow like I've been reading about...I would want that colour to last instead of turning off-colour after a year or two (I know, I'm such a pest):P
  9. Don't know about that, but I think that is one of the best things about such beautiful leather - it will age in a way that I believe, is unique to each bag and the user.
  10. I think you should be fine with Greige in Canada! About the yellowing, I find if you keep the bag as clean as possible, and store it away from sunlight when you're not using it, are good ways to minimize yellowing/discoloration.
  11. i totally agree!!! :yes: you seem to leaning towards this colour anyway - so get the colour you love :love: woo hoo!!!
  12. I am totally leaning toward it, I just needed all of you to be the fabulous enablers that you are:P
    I REALLY hope they have it in Vegas at the NM because it will cost me $200 less than to buy it here in Toronto...I will post pictures of my new baby (hopefully) when I come back from the shows!
  13. I agree, greige is beautiful and versatile. And it will definitely survive the winter, I had a light-ish colored bag and I lived in Seattle for a long time and it was fine!
  14. I'm from Canada as well, and I have been really impressed with how well Balenciaga leather stands up to our crazy climate. I do use leather protector and I have done the "Lubriderm thing," and my bags look great.

    Don't worry--get the greige and enjoy!!! :yes: