Will get a cognac

  1. Ladies ladies, I'm so excited! I'll get a beautifull cognac spy bag, I'll asked Pinchrosemary (thanks Katgrrrl) if she had a spy brown or better cognac! And oh joy she had one!

    I don't post pictures now, by respect for pinchrosemary who asked me too, but girls, you can't imagine how happy I'm!

    actualy I kinda look like: :yahoo:

    and PS: pinchrosemary is soooooooo fab!
  2. Congrats!!! angy

    i also love my cognac too...it is easy to match with any outfits...
  3. Thanks you ! I'm sure I'll adore mine! I can't hardly wait my future baby!
  4. oopss let me say.."happy new year" to u too...(it's already "new year" here in Bangkok, TH)...great time for u...new year & new baby....

    now i really wanna get the blue one...or may be denim...:wlae:
  5. Heyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!! Your happiness is contagious! Your joy is my joy! Can't wait till we get our cognac spy!!!!!!!:yahoo: :party:
  6. Congrats, Angy! :yahoo:What a way to start off the new year! :drinks:
  7. Merci mesdames vous êtes formidables! je vous adore!*

    * thanks ladies you are so great I love you!

    I'm So happy I'll get my favorite spy color, the cognac is so beautiful, so special. And Pinchrosemary is a so,so sweat seller.

    I can't wait ! Oh my!

    and happy New Year ladies
  8. Congrats on this bag, its beautiful, I would love one of these if I ever find a really super bubbly one