Will Fendi or Saks authenticate my spy?

  1. Just recently bought a spy online? Can I bring it to the Fendi boutique and have them authenticate it? I'm in SCAL, I was thinking about going to South Coast Plaza in Irvine, or Fendi boutique on Rodeo drive to have it authenticated? Will they do it at the stores?? thx.
  2. when i interned at fendi in new york they told me that they couldnt say if it was real or fake unless they were 100% sure because some fakes are superfakes and they look basically the real deal, only way they could sometimes tell is if they take apart the bag, and LVMH didnt want to say something was real and it was fake and get a law suit on them if that makes sense
  3. yes, that makes sense, so where can I go to get authenticated??? Please help me girls.
  4. You have a good chance at a Saks or bloomies, etc... They will prob give you their opininion. but nobody will say "yes it is fake" or "no its not fake".
  5. Good idea. I'll try, but what should I say to them? I didn't buy it thru eBay, bought it thru a member I met online. Thanks. I have a gut feeling it's real but silll, would like to get the stores to look at it. thanks.