Will famiglia and the other 3 upcoming prints going to be sold in stores?

  1. Because Lesportsac isn't selling it in any of their stores, only online, does that mean that the tokidoki bags are not going to be sold in any department stores as well?
  2. My understanding was that they were all going to go to retail stores. (Pulse is getting all 4 remaining prints, so I would imagine retailers like Nordstrom and Macy's will too.) There's been some rumors that lesportsac.com will not carry trasporto or vacanze, but imo it's still too early to tell on that one.
  3. Not sure about your question...but...

    *cough* before some of you Hawaii girls swamp this place with questions...yes, our lesportsac will carry them...well as far as Famiglia and Tutti goes..and the SA I talked to knew about the other prints, so I am assuming we'll get those too...but who knows? I wouldn't worry about it too much. Either way, the bags will be attainable.
  4. It's hard to tell... all the stores are different. I'm only aware of 1 Macy's in the Chicago area that carries Tokidoki and they NEVER even had Spiaggia.

  5. Yeah, I was told Hawaii is scheduled to get all four of the prints... unfortunately it's JACKED UP!
  6. same here too Maya :lol:
  7. I've been told the same thing too.. about our stores here. If they didnt sell them.. we wouldnt have ANY of the future prints here! :sad: I'd be sad.. even if I dont buy them here.. looking at them for a reference helps! :biggrin:
  8. Yeah having it available in the store it does help me pick out the placements I want but not buy hahaha! :lol::tpfrox::hs:--I just felt like putting these emocons I havent seen for awhile :lol:
  9. Ehhh to be honest I was an idiot and bought at least 3 of my bags from our Lesportsac and paid wayyy too much HAHHAHAAHA.
  10. ive only bought two at hawaii retail, the others have been discounted so its not soo bad, right?
  11. at least it's better than me brandee....my gioco cost like $210 or something close to there w/ tax hahahahahhaahhhahahahaha.
  12. Ai yahh~ I bought 3 of my bags for HI retail price too.. :push: It all started with my Playground cangurino.. then I bought my Adios Star dolce.. then the L'amore MM. Back then, I didnt know there were stores like Pulse and SH that helped with print placement (and had CHEAPER tokis!!) *sigh* Thank goodness for TPF!! :tpfrox:
  13. I called the customer servicce today and they won't be getting them online either. She said that they'll be selling them at major department stores. I asked about the future prints and she said that it was an exclusive to Hawaii and China only. So I really don't know, because when I mentioned the future prints she was like how do you know that? She didn't seem like she wanted to give me any info. Oh well...
  14. What? She said only US and CHINA are supposed to get the upcoming prints? Maybe she meant in the Lesportsac stores...not in general. UGH, Lesportsux makes me kinda mad.
  15. Well I know for a fact that Nordstrom is getting Famiglia and Tutti because its in the system so if they are getting that then they should get Transporto and Vacanze... I made a friend yesterday at a Nordstrom that sells a lot of tokidoki. I got a pirata denero from him and he put me in his book and swore he would call me first when they receive any tokidoki for me to have first pick... I'm so happy for that because then I can get some tokidoki without probs since its so hard to find any down here In FL... yay :happydance: