will f/w colours come in Giant gold?

  1. hi all, i've seen all the f/w colours and am absolutely in love with them. i definitely want to get mastic and was wondering = will it only come in giant Silver hardware or is there the option of choosing Giant Gold. i just think mastic will go better with gold.

    also if the f/w is only avail in Giant Silver - I might have to go with the Natural in Gold then.
    where is mastic - between sandstone & natural colours - darker, lighter, the same?

    sorry , so many questions but I dont want to regret not getting the natural now and then ending up paying more next time!
  2. 3 choices of hardware this season: silver, gold, classic.

    Mastic is the croc bag to the left...

  3. Great!! Thanks!! I want a violet with Giant Gold!!
  4. thanks incoralblue,
    i think i'm going to hold out for the mastic then!

  5. INC my no likie Mastic. Looks too dark. :push: I prefer my Sandstone.:yahoo:
  6. wow...the mastic don't really look that nice afterall....still prefer the previous seasons in yellow....sigh