Will epi in red be discontinued?

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  1. I read somewhere here that the red in epi might get discontinued.

    Could that really be the case? I thought that the red and the black would stay...am shocked:sad:
    Is it true?
    Does anyone have informations on that?
  2. Does no one have any information?
  3. Do you remember where you read it? I have not heard anything about red being discontinued.
  4. Just before I got my red speedy 30 a few months back, I was told so by my SA friend. Some1 said only red speedy with gold being discontinued.
  5. All gold hardware will be phased out and Myrtille will be discontinued. HTH!
  6. Fanaticsydney, did your SA friend say if the red items with the silver will be all discontinued? I know that the epi items with gold hardware are discontinued but would really like to know if they discontinue the red with silver as well. That would leave only black, canelle (which I find rather dull) and the new, soon to come white...that is a very limited range of colour. Unfortunately I do not remember where I read it. I will tr to find it...
  7. She didnt confirm that with me. But from other SAs, the red epi will be discontinued, after the mandarin recently, I will get more info by this week for every1.
  8. That would be great:yes: Thanks Fannasticsydney!
  9. Thank goodness, then, that I have my myrtille Jasmin. But, I still haven't anything red. My next purchase was going to be a black Segur. Maybe I should save that for later and get something in red?
  10. hOpe it won't disappear:sad: red epi so nice tho:crybaby:
    I did saw numereous style of mandarin epi lately inside the boutique, but it's kinda brighter than old mandarin (for me) or maybe because of lighting? not sure hehehe
  11. So sad they discontinued Myrtille.... it was such a great color!!!

    I think LV should keep basic colors... like red, black, and blue. But if LV is discontinuing red in Vernis, I guess the new "Candy Apple Red" will take it's place? :shrugs:
  12. Yes, that is a very good point. They should alway continue the epi line with these three colors. I might add too that they should have a permanent light color such as eggshell or off-white.
  13. ^^^^^ I think another PF'er informed us that there's going to be a white Epi color? :shrugs:

    Can anyone confirm?
  14. I think the white Vernis will launch in February with the love apple red color.
  15. I have heard the news of the launch of the white epi but no info about the red only about the changing of the epi hardware from gold to silver:yes: