Will Eluxury carry the new vernis and heart accessory?


Fill the Giant Pig!
Nov 7, 2006
I'm going to Vegas in March, but I am so worried that it will be sold out by then. :sweatdrop:
I don't have access to a boutique, so I don't think I can waitlist anywhere.
But I want some of that vernis & the heart!:drool:
dido, but i think Elux only carry perm. LVs? They never carry a piece of Panda, or Miroir. It might help if you leave the live chat rep ur name and contact number incase Elux do receive shipment. I really hope they will have it so i can save some tax $ lol
Actually, they did have some of the panda line when it was out, I ordered the pochette from elux. They get the limited editions in smaller quanities, but they do get them, you just have to hit the website at the right time.
You can waitlist at any boutique, anywhere in the country and they'll send it to you. Just choose one and talk to an SA.

It's not a problem.