Will Elisha ever be offered in other colors?

  1. I really love this bag but am sick of the white/black/red offerings from last season. It seems like the blonde leather isn't around anymore either. I would kill for this bag in smooth chocolate brown leather, also in cream. Anyone else wishing the same?
  2. If Kooba was smart, and seeing that The Elisha was one of the most popular bags this Fall, I would hope they come out with other colors in Spring. They Did with the Sienna and they must have knew then they had a winner. I still adore my Red Elisha. I don't need another color but I wouldn't mind one in every color. It's such a great bag.
  3. I would LOVE a brown smooth leather Elisha - heck, I'd pay full price for it ! LOL (maybe!)
  4. Are there any black Elisha out there anymore for sale? I meant to ask this awhile ago and Lexie just reminded me...

  5. Hi all!!

    Yes..there is going to be new colors in the Elisha! When I ordered my red,the lady who took my order at Kooba said there would be other colors offered this spring. Brown is one of the colors..I'm pretty sure she said yellow too:tup:

  6. That's good news! I would like to see the Elisha in other colors. I don't have an Elisha, but it's such a cute bag. I just can't justify getting it in any of the colors currently available.
  7. I can't wait till spring to bring my blonde elisha out again!
  8. The Elisha is such a beautiful bag... I hope Kooba recognizes its popularity and issues it in more colors!
  9. I am in LOVE with my Elisha in PEWTER!! The problem is I am waiting until spring to wear it as well, I know that their pewter color is a good fall/ winter color but my Elisha just doesn't work so well with my big down jacket in the snow!!! So- I know what you mean Chodesa.. I have several bags that haven't seen the light in months : ( and my beautiful Elisha is one of them.
  10. Yellow? Be still, my beating heart!!!:yahoo::heart: I am coveting a sunshiney yellow bag for this spring and summer!
  11. Wow! That is the best news I've heard in a long time!