Will DNA prove JFK had a son? He wants the truth to be told.

  1. He sure does look like the Kennedys.
  2. doesn't look like him to me. I would have to see his mother.

    very interesting, and they are probably right, the people probably dont want to hear about it.
  3. Not as handsome as Jack.

    So why now? Lay claim to some of the estate?
  4. Well, President Kennedy certainly got around. Wouldn't exactly be shocking!
  5. I saw this on the news and they showed a picture of his "real" father...well, he looks EXACTLY like his dad, he doesn't look like JFK. Maybe in his older years many people told him he has a resemblance to JFK and now wants to cash in. What a joke.
  6. Seems like it would be a lot of trouble and fairly easy to disprove...so I tend to think he does believe it to be true...

    If it is or not still remains to be seen.

    I would think Caroline more than anyone would want to know.
  7. Why now though ? It just seems like really awkward timing, even if the newspaper claimed NOW that there was a secret love child.
  8. ^^ agreed.

    and some people have a tendency to believe that famous people are related to them just because they look alike.
  9. Has anyone got a picture of the real father? I'd be interested to see it.
  10. If he says he's not after any money, why does he really care? What's the motive exactly?
  11. Hmmmm...

    Idk if this was in the article, but are they doing the DNA test? I'm pretty eager to know, and I'm also confused as to why it would just come out now, so suddenly.
  12. Last I checked, JFK had a son. (God rest John Jr.'s soul.)

    This kind of reminds me of that whole Anna Anderson claiming to be Anastasia Romanov thing:


    Like others, I find it odd that he chooses to come forward now.