will describe chanel bag - does anyone know anything about it

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  1. hi,

    I am trying to track this bag style but now nothing of Chanel, I saw it earlier in the week:

    boxy looking
    definately a handbag
    a big C or CC on one side

    Thanks, I do not know much about Chanel and cannot stop thinking about this bag.:rolleyes:
  2. doctor style or bowler?
    Any chains?
    Can you remember the leather - was it smooth or textured?
  3. Sounds like the grand shopping tote?
  4. I thought it sounded like the cambon bowling bag.
  5. could be SO many bags really. Need to know what the handles were made of and the type of leather.
    Wouldn't be the Grand Shopping Tote becuase it's a shoulder bag for sure.
  6. Maybe check out the reference thread - the styles the ladies mentioned above are all posted, and that will help you figure out which one you saw. Good luck!
  7. yea, i thought it sounded like the cambon bowling too :yes:

    gelbergirl - more info would be great!
  8. it really could be alot of things- from the cambon bowling to the square vintage box...
    what kind of c's or cc's were there? was in metal or leather?
  9. hello?

  10. Yeah! :yes:
  11. thanks everyone, I'll do a bit more hunting, just wanted to have some knowledge before I head into Chanel, you're right it could be any number of bags.

    I'll go to Chanel in Short Hills , hopefully they're welcoming there !

    best ! :flowers:
  12. ^ good luck! i hope you find the bag you're looking for.