Will Delightful Vachetta turn black?

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I spent a couple hours reading through posts on cleaning and care of LV bags. I just bought my first LV, a Delightful MM Monogram. I am a mom and really can't keep stressing about where to place my bag, how to handle it, etc. I thought that LV was a good option, they seem so durable! I have to use a lot of hand cream, my hands are dry and they crack, especially in winter. I will try not to handle the strap too much but know it's unavoidable.

    Will the vachetta turn black from oils/hand cream or just patina?

    I am happy to let the bag age naturally but am afraid of black dirty leather.
    I bought this bag for every day use, as I am tired of worrying so much about carrying my Balenciaga bags, as they are quite delicate.

    Does anyone use a lot of hand cream? If so, what happenens to the vachetta?

    Thanks so much for any input.

  2. The leather WILL patina, however that nice thing about the delightful is that it doesn't remain in constant contact with your hands.

    it also has a lot of leather surface area which I find takes longer to get dark. My Neverfull straps got dark very fast but it has so little leather I suspect that's why. My sully on the other hand (similar to the Delightful) is still very new and pale over a month later and I don't treat it. I'm not a major hand cream wearer though but my idea is that it wouldn't get as dark as fast because you'll be holding the bag on your shoulder more than in your hand like a top handle.
  3. Thanks, that does make sense! appreciate the response :smile: