Will dark plastic frames look good on an asian girl?

  1. I'm due for a new pair of glasses. I've always gotten the half frame kind and this time I'm thinking of getting black or dark purple plastic frames. I think these frames are hard to pull off and I've noticed that some Asians don't look so hot in them. The following are examples of what I want but in black or dark purple. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance!


  2. I think the style of glasses really depends on your face shape. As for black glasses, I think anyone can pull them off.
  3. i have an oval face shape. I don't know, it just seems like my eyes look smaller in dark framed glasses than normal half frame glasses.

  4. Ok...now before you go off on me and saying i'm stereotyping asians......I'm an asian guy...and I try on at least 100+ unique frames a year and I have over 15-18 pairs myself. I'm not a professional, but I'm just about the most experienced consumer you'll find who knows about eyeglasses.

    I dont' know what your face looks like..but based on what I see of the glasses the size of the lens appears to be at least 51mm+ (if you look at the side of your glasses you'll see a number in the 40s, 50s, or 60s, followed by a box and then another number in the 10s or 20s.

    the first # is the size of the lens in mm. The 2nd is the size of the nosebridge.

    First...in order to wear those glasses WELL (i've seen many asians mess up), you'll have to have a slightly "larger, wider face" than a normal person. Size 50-52 lens have become popular with many women....and they wear it b/c it's the trend and I see very small petite women wear it and I have to say it looks quite funny on some. If you have a smaller than avg face I strongly urge you to stick to lenses that are no larger than 50mm (and 50mm works only on certain type of frames in my opinion.). I've seen some 52+ frames work very well on women but it was a unique shape of the lens that made it work (alain mikli, starck. I think are exceptions to this sizing rule).

    Second, those type of frames usually don't and from the pics it doesn't seem like it has nose support. Asian noses are usually a lot flatter compared to the rest of the population. If you feel your nose is small then I would avoid this type of frame b/c it lacks support.

    Third, I would avoid any dark thick plastic frames. It's SO way overdone in asia right now it's not even funny. Seems like everyone has the same pair walking around wherever they go.

    Lastly, I think someone mentioned this...the frames are very boxy. If you give off a strong vibe personality I would definitlely avoid. Also I would avoid if you have a boxy face.
  5. I think the dark purple ones would look adorable on you! You should get whatever makes you happy and feel good, KWIM? I have frames that are dark burgundy plastic with clear light pink on the edges and everyone tried to talk me out of them at first, but they're so "me" & I get lots of compliments whenever I wear them. I'm only 1/4 asian and I don't look it, but I love my plastic glasses. I have D&G metal rimmed glasses and I never wear them :shrugs:
  6. Definitely, I'm Asian and I have almost that exact pair of glasses, just with round frames instead of square ones. The dark color looks good on Asians, the shape of the frames will have to depend on your own face shape.
  7. i just got glasses. mine are metal (i think) and they are retangular. they are marc jacobs. half silver half black (btw, im asain and have a heart shaped face)
  8. sorry . double post
  9. I'm asian and I have a pair of dark plastic frames, but they aren't as heavy as the ones that you displayed... My frames are a little thinner than yours, if you are worried about them being too dark because the frame is so thick, why don't you try some thinner frames on? I think it's all in how you feel in them too. You can pull off almost any look as long as you are comfortable in them and aren't second guessing yourself as you wear them. If you like them, get them. If your not sure about them, then you are always going to be unsure about them...
  10. Thanks for the input! I think part of the reason I'm a little unsure about this type of frame is because it's such a different look for me! I've always had the conservative frameless, half metal frame glasses. I don't have a boxy face and I don't have a super small face. Most of my sunglasses are actually plastic framed. I think these ones are cute too.

  11. I love these. They're really cute! And, yes, I have them! I'm Asian as well. I just got them pretty recently, and had never worn thick plastic frames before. In fact, I was more of a contacts girl, but with these, I feel confident wearing them out. I did have to get nosepads added to them though. So to answer your question, I think dark plastic frames can absolutely look good on an Asian girl. If they're comfortable & you're confident wearing them, go for it!
  12. Ducky-- I like the first pair best (I've actually tried those on before), but they're all cute! I think if your face is oval and not tiny you can wear anything! I have an oval face too. One of my pairs of glasses is oval, the other is rectangular and they both look equally good. I just like my plastic oval ones better, because they're funkier :yes:
  13. Thanks for being so encouraging! I'm going to check out these frames on Saturday. I'll let you guys know how it goes!
  14. I'm asian, and I got a pair of plastic frames about 3 years ago.. I love them! The trick is just to try on a bunch of different ones, and pick the ones that flatter your face the best. My 2 cents on color is that dark brown, with tan or maroon undertones look the best on asian faces--sorta brings out any natural highlights you have in your hair.
  15. I hope so, because I'm Asian and I wear similar frames! Mine are thinner on the sides but the lenses are basically the same shape, frame is black with green on the inside.