Will Costumer Service Believe Me?

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  1. So about a month ago I bought a new Rocco to replace my old one that was severely tired and worn out. When it arrived it didn't come with a strap. I called Nordstrom and they forwarded me to AW customer service to request a new one because some weird issue that in order to do that they would need to take it from another bag. Weird right?
    So I called Alexander Wang and from what I feel they reluctantly sent me a new shoulder strap free of charge. They even over-nighted it via FedEx.
    But now I'm having an issue with my latte Rockie. The way it was plated there was like a little bubble on the shoulder strap where it says "Alexander Wang". Long story short the air bubble burst and has a metal exposure where the plating used to be. I don't know if I should call them about this or if I should go to Neiman's about it since I bought the Rockie.
  2. I would go to Neiman's since you bought it from them. I find that department stores are more accommodating, especially when you've bought the item from them and there's a defect. Don't take my word for it though, I'm a Nordstrom kind of girl and there customer service has always been amazing. I've never shopped at Neiman's before, but I'm assuming they'll do whatever they can to please you. Good luck!
  3. Go to NM. If the bag has to go through AW they will let you know when you take it in.
  4. Thanks everyone!
    I wish I could have bought it at Nordstrom but my store was sold out for the time being in their inventory. And their customer service is always amazing. Which was a real bummer that I didn't go with them.
    I was forced to buy online at Neiman's which I don't prefer to do since they tend to be quite rude no matter how much money you seem to be spending. Last month I called their store looking for a particular Fendi bag that was around $6,000....
    I asked if they had it in store or if they could order it for me and the girl said "Nope. We don't." and hung up before I could even get one word in. And that has happened multiple times.
    I guess I'll have to be a little more persistent with them on my issue.