Will Coach replace...

  1. a stolen merchandise credit if I have the receipt showing the credit and #?

    My wallet was stolen today at work (not a Coach) and I had a merc. credit with about $60-ish on it....I was saving it for the Black Ergo Tote I've been hunting the outlets for, and I'm bummed it's gone! :crybaby:
    I know that some stores will replace lost gift cards, but wasn't sure and hoped one of you ladies would know.

  2. IDK, but it's worth calling COACH since you have the receipt. Maybe they can cancel the card to prevent it from being used, if it hasn't been already.

    The card reads on the back that it cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. But maybe they can prevent it's use if you report it in time.

    Call JAX C/S in the morning, they open at 8am EST, 800-444-3611.

    Good Luck!

    PS, Sorry to hear about your wallet being stolen.
  3. I'm so sorry that your wallet was stolen! How horrible!! :sad: Yes, call ASAP to see if they can maybe cancel the card before it is used. Hopefully it hasn't been. Good luck and keep us posted!
  4. You're still up...
  5. I'm really sorry your wallet was stolen :sad:
  6. Thanks ladies - I'm going to call in the morning, and I'm calling my favorite SA to see what she says.

    I know - first day back at work and within one hour .... gone! I'm more upset that the wallet is gone than the stuff inside! Well, with the exception of the MC!
  7. I am so sorry. It's even worse that it happened at work. I hope you week gets better.
  8. Sorry to hear that this has happened ... hopefully they can cancel it and give you a replacement card.