will COACH repair?

  1. Will COACH repair an authentic bag that is bag from eBay that is damaged. For example, one of the first run Legacy bags with the faulty turnlocks? Just wondering, they are great bargains if you can get it repaired. (as long as they are authentic) Just curious. Thanks
  2. as long as they are not marked FS (final sale) Coach will repair them (Just dont EVER mention the word eBay in there)
  3. it depends on if its a final sale and has any markings on it
  4. Just fill out the form or write a letter. Throw in the $20 check and ship it off. Tell them exactly what you want fixed and don't say where you got the bag.
  5. Coach will repair bags for the lifetime of the bag if it's a manufacturer's defect. In the case of the turnlocks, yes, so you're right, a great deal on eBay. Just DO NOT say ebay to Coach, that's like saying "germs" to Monk.
  6. haha ok, i saw a couple on Ebay, with the turnlocks broken. that is the only way i could afford the Ali or the satchel right now. i just don't to be like dishonest or anything. how do you know if it's marked for Final Sale? is that a stamp on the creed?
  7. There will be a mark on the creed, yes. :yes:
  8. If it is a Final Sales, FS will be stamped on the creed. One store was writing numbers inside the bag along side the creed.
  9. NEVER mention ebay say "GIFT"
  10. ^^^ yeah, that's what i thought. well there is a whiskey ali on ebay now, no stamp on the creed, and i asked the seller as well if there was any FS stamp on the bag, and she said no. hmmmm....