Will Coach repair the turnlocks & how much?

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  1. I am have a broken turnlock on my bag (Legacy) and was wondering if i send it to Coach if they will repair the bag for me? It is the Legacy shoulder bag and is sold out so it is not like I can trade it in for a new one...

  2. Coach will repair the turnlock or replace the bag (if they can't replace it you'll be given a credit for the full price of the bag, but this shouldn't happen, as the turnlocks are easy to repair and Legacy Shoulder bags are sent in for this reason very often). It's a common defect in the early Legacy bags. I'm so worried it is going to happen to mine! Take the bag into your boutique; you'll be charged $20 for shipping and they will take it from there, you should receive the bag back in 4-6 weeks, if not sooner!
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  6. I just had the turnlock replaced on my legacy shoulder as well, and I had the bag back in three weeks, good as new! I was very happy with the process.

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    It may depend on how the turnlock is broken.

    They took back my whiskey Legacy Shoulder and black Legacy Hippie because they said they couldn't fix them.
  8. I just want to add that it depends on where you bought it at, If you got it directly from the coach store, they will take it back. However, If you got it from eBay already broken it might have a final sale mark. Coach will not repair anything marked final sale.
  9. Can anyone explain to me what "marked at final sale" actually means? I have a Legacy oval turnlock that is loose. I bought the purse off eBay. It has a bullet on the creed. Is that considered "final sale"? TIA
  10. No. Final Sale has FS on the creed or the SKU written in ink in the zipper pocket.
  11. HI,
    A bullet on the creed means that the bag is a FP (full price) delete that was sent to outlet from a FP Coach store.

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