Will Coach help me?

  1. :crybaby: Hey everyone,

    i bought a beautiful Whiskey shoulder bag on eBay a month ago and one of the rivets on the front pockets has fallen off. I obviously don't have an original receipt but if I was able to get it to a Coach store, would they fix it? I am so depressed about my beautiful bag!
  2. I'm not positive, but I think if you just take it in, you don't need a receipt, and they'll fix it. My mom had a coach that we bought at the outlet, she had thrown away the receipt, and the stitching came undone. The SA said "no problem", and they sent it in to be restitched. I think as long as it's not a fake, they'll fix it.
  3. I think that Coach will stand behind its product and perform repairs (if it can be repaired) regardless of where it was purchased.
  4. Is it the rivet or the turnlock? Let us know how things turn out.
  5. So long as the creed isn't embossed FS, or from some other unauthorized discount store Coach will try and fix it.
  6. Embossed FS?
    What's FS.
  7. ^I think she probably means FS for Factory Store. Coach factory store purchases usually have a stamp on the creed with a bullseye-type mark. I don't know what Coach's repair policy is regarding factory store merchandise.
  8. fs- final sale. that's the stuff sold at the outlets that are sorta damaged or have some wear from being on the floor- prevents the person from buying a damaged bag super cheap and getting it repaired and getting a new one from coach.
  9. It's a rivet-not the turnlock. I have read about the turnlock problems and haven't been using them. I had been lemming an Ali but the turnlock problems have me scared out of it.
    The creed reads FO63-10328. I might try a leather repair place because the nearest Coach stoere is in the Twin Cities-5 hours away. I will have to call and see-maybe they will take it if I mail it? Does anyone have an awesome SA in the Mpls-St. Paul area? I really need to establish a relationship with an SA. I have ordered mostly through Coach.com but have spent probably $1200 in the last couple months and would like some personalized service IYKWIM?
  10. DO NOT GO TO ANOTHER REPAIR PLACE! I know you can mail it in yourself! the info is on coach.com somewhere
  11. call the 800# at Coach tell them it was a "gift" make no mention of eBay and let them know what happened. I did that to one of my eBay bags when the stitiching came loose and they waived the $20 fee as I had only had the bag 3 weeks.

    Good luck I hope it can be repaired
  12. Yes FS is final sale and coach will not repair final sale bags. Some bags are sold from discounters that are not authorized Coach dealers and those bags are marked so as not to be repaired or returned to a Coach store aswell. The bullseye is fine -just means sold from the Factory Store and is totally fine to get repaired.
  13. coach will repair factory store items as long as they are not stamped final sale (which usually means they are already damaged in some way that can't be repaired)
  14. Hi. Like the poster above said, go to coach.com's customer service and download the form. Send the bag in to the Jacksonville Repair Center with a check for $20. They will let you know they got the bag and then will either repair it and send it back, or not repair it and send it back.
  15. ^Interesting! I have never seen FS stamped on the creed before. Learn something new every day around here!! Thanks! :yes: