will Coach give you back $20

  1. If Coach decides that they will neither fix nor reimburse you for your bag repair will they give you back the $20 you send in with the bag ? Since I am new to the forum I was looking through old FAQ about repairs and it doesn't sound like my bag may qualify. I used their cleaner on one of my bags and it took off color in one spot. The bag is practically new but the damage is not due to craftmanship although to me craftmanship should include coloring the leather also I was ill advised. Thanks
  2. the $20 is not for the fixing its for the shipping. I would write a letter to the repair center and see if they can wave the shipping for you. Be clear and precise and write as long a letter as possible.
  3. I just re-read your post. Which bag was it? Did the care card inside say you could use the cleaner on the bag?
  4. no there was no care card it is a factory bag. I asked someone at the retail store and they said to use the cleaner and the moisturizer.
  5. Can you post the style number of your bag? Or, do you know what the style name is?
  6. If you take it to a store they have the authority to waive the shipping cost.
  7. For me, I called CS once I received my bag back unrepaired. I expressed my disappointment since I was mislead at the Coach boutique by an uneducated SA. The CS on the phone couldnt offer me anything additional besides the 40% off (letter) but they were able to waive the shipping costs and sent me a check for $20.
  8. thank you, what was the issue with your bag ?