Will Coach give me new handtags?

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  1. I'm so upset! During my last night in Hawaii (for college) I went out to dinner with my friends and it wasn't until I got on the plane to go home that I realized my handtags had fallen off. It was on my hamptons weekend black large hobo that had the two oversized blue handtags on it, so cute! I had the lips charm on there as well and I finally noticed that it was still there but that the tags had fallen off. :| Sometimes they had fallen off before but had actually fallen into the front pocket but this time that didn't happen. Will Coach send me new ones if I write to them or is it hopeless? I wish they would put the tags on something better than that little chain.
  2. they will. just call them. :yes:
  3. YUP! have the entire style number from the bag creed (not just the style number)
  4. Oooh, thanks so much!
  5. Anyone know how I could find the style number? My friend purchased a bag from the outlets and when we got home we realized that it was missing the tags. I'd love to call for her and get one.
  6. you have to look on the creed patch of the actual bag, there is a long 8 or 9 digit number with a dash in the middle, that's the number they need
  7. Oh ok thank you!
  8. This thread made me think of another question...they'l replace hangtags, but will the replace the other stuff that's with the hangtags?
    Like how with the legacy bags there's another little round brass thing that says coach on it in front of the hang tag?
  9. Sorry that I'm asking this, but the regular 800 # is the only contact needed?

    Do they have older and rarer hangtags? For instance, the white/silver hangtag from my polka dot frame bag disappeared awhile back and I'd love to have a replacement.
  10. nothing but hangtags

    I lost the tag on my legacy shoulder and asked about the gold coin thing and she said only hangtags and the little chain for the tag
  11. I just called [​IMG] and they just asked for the style number. She'll receive it in 10-13 days! Not like I go around losing handtags but it's good to know that they replace them.
  12. I called the other day and they are sending me 2 dustbags for 2 of my bags !
  13. That sucks! Thanks for the quick reply =)
  14. I have had them replace pens for my agenda before too. I called to see if I could purchase 1 and they sent me 2 in the mail. I thought that was really nice!
  15. I got my replacement tag from the boutique. When I was in there one day I asked the SA and she brought a bunch out to see which one mine was. If your near a boutique I would try that. Beats waiting for one