Will Coach fix turnlock from ebay bag?

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  1. I want to bid on an Ali bag soon, but it has a broken turnlock. Will Coach fix this without receipt, maybe for a fee? I really want an Ali and this is a great deal, but I don't want to be stuck with a broken bag - any help is appreciated!
    TIA!! :smile:
  2. I wonder if the seller had already sent the bag in to be repaired and it couldn't be fixed? Maybe they thought they could get more for it on ebay than what Coach offered as a credit?

    Just throwing it out there :shrugs:
  3. whenever I have brought a bag in for repair, I have never had to show a receipt or anything. I even brought in a bag from macy's to get repaired.

    no need to worry ... no matter where you got it, they'll fix it.
  4. Really??!! I think I might need to bid on this baby girl then, she's calling my name!
  5. I saw it about 10 minutes out when it was around $160. I figured thats where it would stay. Never thought it would go over $200. Sorry you lost it, it is a gorgeous bag! One day I'm going to get an Ali!
  6. Just for future reference....

    MAKE SURE if you buy one of these damaged bags it is not marked anything on the creed about final sale or anything. If that is the case, COACH WILL NOT FIX IT. Also, if you do take it to coach, DO NOT mention the word ebay anywhere, that's poison to them. They won't ask, but just say it's your bag it was a gift.
  7. ^^I was going to say EVERYTHING she just said but she beat me to it. Amen sistah.
  8. Thanks you guys for the advice - I totally forgot about checking for the mark on the creed. Learn something new every day!