Will Coach Ever Make More Backpacks and Cross Body Bags?

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  1. Am I the only one who wishes Coach would make more backpack/daypacks and crossbody bags?

    I mean, I LOVE my Legacy bags and my totes, but with little kids, it's really hard at times to keep up with them AND a bag, and I just don't have much time for that kind of fuss, so I save my totes for work-related issues and when I've only got my older child with me.

    So--sprinkles and razorbackbelle--if you can get some suggestions to Coach (I think you should print out that last thread about suggestions to Coach and see if they can get it up the management chain)--can you ask them if they're going to do more backpack and crossbody styles?

    Can you imagine a backpack with that awesome turnlock closure?

    Cuz I can tell you that if they came out with a Legacy-style backpack with legacy lining or some new crossbody styles, I'd be all over it and I bet other active ladies would, too!:yahoo:
  2. Personally I don't do backpacks or crossbody, but I do like the option of bags with longer straps.. that can hang down and not always be right under your arms. I like choices.
  3. I agree. I would LOVE to see a decent-sized messenger bag (perhaps a medium and a large version - similar in size to Kate Spades small and large nylon messenger bags) in the Ergo leather with the same simple style and lines as the Ergo tote. It should not be a heavy bag, which is why the Ergo or Vintage Ergo would be perfect.

    Messenger bags are not just for men or for people who work in the business world. There's a big market out there for beautiful messenger bags in the right size.

    I think that a great cross-body messenger would sell very well.

    Please pass this onto the Coach design team!
  4. They have an older leather backpack/carryon bag that is huge. I don't have the style number with me because I am at work. Once in a while they come up on ebay.
  5. Correction of typo - I meant to say that the Ergo LEATHER or Vintage Ergo LEATHER would be perfect for a great messenger bag.
  6. Yes! Messenger bags are wonderful! LV has a beautiful Congo that comes in two sizes, but I just can't shell out $1200 for a messenger bag right now. It is really pretty, though, and a great size.

    Maybe someone can pass our suggestions up the Coach food chain? :tup:
  7. I have been wondering the same exact thing! I love, love, love my Coach backpack, but I have worn it to death! It's cute, but gross! I have 4 kids and a stylish (new) backpack would be great! Legacy stripe lining would just put it over the top!
    Tell me, is there any hope for this gross, old backpack of mine? (Don't worry, I don't use it any more...I realize it's too dirty...I just can't part with it!):cutesy:

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  8. I totally agree! Busy mom here, too. There is something so easy about a backpack when you're traveling with kids. I enjoy my swingpack, but I wish it was larger. I was a Vera Bradley girl (gasp!)before my new Coach obsession. I love how they had so many backpacks and hipsters in great sizes for hands free shopping and travel!

    I did pick up a new black mini-sig backpack at the outlets today. Woo hoo!
  9. The outlets have messengers all the time...including I just spotted a smaller one than they normally carry last week that looked like it was out of nylon. I use my messenger as a work bag...but it was designed to be a baby bag. Also, the outlets usually have smaller leather backpacks too.
  10. That's good to know! I'll make sure and check the next time I'm there!
  11. Back when backpack handbags were BIG I had a gorgeous black leather one from Perlina. It was the kind that you would sling over one shoulder and it zipped in the back. People used to :drool: drool over that bag because it was it was just a clean and classy design. I loved that bag and would love to see Coach do a light weight version.
  12. I bought -- then returned -- the new Ergo Crossbody bag. It was not doing anything for my coolness factor, so it had to go back. I do wish Coach would make something as gorgeous as the Carly, but with the practicality of the duffle. I'm dying to see the new duffle style that I assume is coming out in the next 6 months or so. Am I right?