Will Coach do a price adjustment for PCE?

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  1. And if so, do you have to come in and do it in person or can it be done over the phone? TIA!
  2. It's up to your store since it does say on the card "not valid on previous purchases." Your best bet is to call and ask.
  3. I would recommend talking to your regular SA. I would always have an SA who would say that to me to get me to buy things. But I have heard of some SAs not being so friendly. If you do not have a regular SA I would recommend you develop a relationship with one because they will look out for items for you or make sure that you always receive a PCE.
  4. What about for recently sold out items? I got something before pce that sold out, so if I bring it back it would have to be a return/rebuy.
  5. I just did a price adjustment at my boutique today. I had purchased the Brynne and studded Alexandra. I had to bring in my receipts in person; they couldn't do it over the phone.