Will Chelsea be released again?

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  1. I LOVE this bag every time someone posts a pic of it -- especially the mineral. Will she every be released again in any style/color: hobo, satchel, etc.?
  2. I dont know, but I recently won my first Chelsea on ebay for a great price and cant wait for fall to use it!

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  3. This is one bag I wish I was brave enough to buy through e-bay!
  4. I had no problem buying it. there were actually several of them, NWT, and I got the best deal at the time and the bag is perfect. Just check to be sure their feedback is good, and get it authenticated if you need to. I have had nothing but positive ebay transactions, though, so maybe Im just getting lucky.
  5. I just bought my 2nd Chelsea bag on *bay today! I love my tote so much I got a hobo too!
  6. They had a ton of them at the outlet today.

    There was a blueish / brown combo and a tan/brown combo.

    I have a black one and love it! :wlae:
  7. I got my Chelsea at a Boutique sale and it's my 'Carly' bag because the Carly kept falling off my left shoulder and this one stays put. Also, I won't have to worry about it fraying because it's all Chelsea leather!

    I totally love this bag and I have a couple of Chelsea wallets to match! :yahoo:

    BTW, the chelsea on my bag is a bluish/inky colour.

    Take care,

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  8. Do you mean by 'boutique sale' w/a PCE?
  9. Actually, even better. At one Coach boutique bags were marked down at clearance prices...for instance, my chelsea bag was marked down from $598, I think, down to $49. So I got it! I got several bags at that price and 50% off for a few other bags. The sale will never happen again. They needed to clear away their inventory instead of storing it. So, that's how my collection ballooned! [BTW, no PCE allowed, of course!]

    Take care,
  10. Wow! I've never seen a sale at a Coach Boutique. At the Outlet/Factory store I did, but not a boutique. You got a Chelsea for $49??? AMAZING!!:yes:

  11. I got a Chelsea of ebay, like that , mine is light blue, I just got the matching ziparound wallet of ebay too.:tup: I got the bag for about 80 and the wallet for 100.
  12. WOW! I'm sooooo jealous!
  13. Yeah, I got amazing deals, but I would give up my sale items in a heartbeat if I lived right next door to a Coach Outlet. This is as good as it got and now it's over. :crybaby:
  14. I have never heard of a boutique sale either but I'd like to, lol!
  15. I believe the sale T-girl scored at was at a Canada boutique, but now that they are opening a Canada outlet there will not be another sale like it. Lucky! :P