Will Chanel repair a sticky lining under their new policy?


Dec 3, 2014
Hi guys,
I have 2 Mini Rectangle Flaps that are very dear to me and older than 5 years old. Because they were stored for a while the lining became flaky and sticky and tiny bits of the sticky stuff got on a few spots of the chains. Other than that, the bags look brand new.

Will Chanel still replace the lining under their new policy or will I have to take it somewhere else?
If somewhere else, can anyone recommend somewhere? Preferably in or around NYC, Miami/Fort Lauderdale or Geneva, Switzerland?
I'm willing to mail them as well, if the repair place is worth it.

Thanks in advance!


May 2, 2017
Hi, did you ever find out the answer to your question?

I'm only asking because I've got the same issue. I have a single flap 2.55 that is very very dear to me, the exterior is kept in pristine condition, however the inside due to the climate I live in is starting to come off.

Does anyone know whether Chanel would repair it?