will Chanel have Bijoux Strap again??

  1. i love the s/s07 collection that have the bijoux strap,will they do it again??
    red chanel after.jpg
  2. ooooh! i sure hope so. i don't have one with the bijoux chain yet. :nogood:
  3. ^^I hope so too. I hope to get one sometime after March 2008. My goals are pretty specific until then.
  4. yeah i'm dying for that strap!really want all colors!:supacool::supacool::supacool:
  5. I hope they keep them coming. I've gotten two, but can use more of those :yes:
  6. i love the look of mine- its a bit noisey at times.. out a very nice statment
  7. I have none but so want one.. I could even settle for one in black in caviar instead of one in red ;)
  8. does anyone know if they will continue with the new chains? or was it a limited edition?
  9. I hope so because I find the bijoux chain to be so much more comfortable on shoulder than the classic chain. I have jumbo's with both types of chain, and I definitely prefer the new one.

  10. I sure hope they do. I really want a red lambskin jumbo with the bijoux chain. It's my HG. I just lost one on eBay, literally at the last 1 second. I almost cried IRL... :crybaby:
  11. I hope so too. I have a black caviar med classic flap with it in silver and love it. I agree it is a bit noisey at times. And I must second that, yes, a red flap with this chain would be beautiful to own.:love:
  12. Maybe shld call the chanel store to find out more, hopefully they can repeat this bijoux strap. Is there anyone know anything on this?
  13. I really want the Timeless Classic Tote in Red Caviar with Bijoux chain. I hope that it's not discontinued.
  14. i was watching this bag too, was surprised at how much it went for! i really want a red jumbo with new chain too , just hoping someone on here might know if chanel are continuing with the new chains
  15. love that strap!! i really want one!