Will Chanel be making anymore...?

  1. Hey Honeybunch...looks like we're having the same dilema. Seems to me that no one can confirm if this bag will be released again for Spring. I kid you not, I'm eyeing the same bag. It's just that the seller relisted a few times now and each time she increased the price. Also, I'm unsure about the condition of this bag since last time the seller mentioned something about strong perfume scent and she had to wash it out..???
  2. A lot of people are looking for that reissue. You just have to wait until spring, unfortunately, as not even the SA's know what colors are coming in for spring '08. :yes:
  3. I was a bit worried too because the seller bought it from another ebayer so the question of authenticity rears its ugly head! It's a lot of money to spend on an eBay purchase because it's such a big risk.
  4. Will the new reissues be of the same design? Does anyone know? I still have my classic lambskin flap brand new and unused and need to make a decision of whether to keep it or return it and get a reissue but if they aren't going to be getting anymore black ones then...
  5. trendy and honeybuch the black metallic reissue WILL be released again for ss08. there will be other colors as well.
  6. ^^^fashionispoison do you know if it's in silver or gold hardware? I heard that the metallic black wouldn't be released for spring but that would be a nice surprise if it was!!
  7. Have you considered getting the Black Reissue that has the pearl necklace and mirror attached? It has gold hardware and though it cost more due to the Pearl necklace and mirror attachment - you can remove them and use the bag without those extras on it.
    NM Bev Hills had one last week - don't know if it is still there and what size or price it might be now. But that is one way to get the black reissue bag.

    Good luck.:smile:
  8. I only want the one with the gold chain though.

  9. I only want the one with the gold chain though...and don't want to pay for the bells and whistles on the pearl reissue that I won't use. I'm always late...darn it.

  10. Here's what my SA wrote to me a few weeks back regarding the reissues for spring:

    It's coming in metallic blue, purple, black, light silver, dark silver (not bronze like this season) and light gold. I'm not sure what we'll be getting in yet and I think it's only coming in the a30226 and a30227, but I'll let you know more when I know more.
  11. I hope to be all over that purple.
  12. i would suggest against bidding on that reissue on eBay. the seller keeps ending her auction and raising the price. she just did it again and now her BIN is $2750. i was interested too and she said that as soon as she gets $2500, she will end the auction early and sell it to the person who bidded $2500. of course, after hearing that, i was no longer interested. and today, i received another email from her saying that she ended her auction and relisted the item and now has a bin of $2750 but still wants the best offer. i think it's completely ridiculous. i've sold many rare chanel handbags in the past including a dark gold cruise 06 reissue and never asked for an unreasonable amount. so be careful.