Will Chanel accept my returned lambskin? help!

  1. I am thinking of returning my lambskin classic which I bought over the telephone from the London branch because a boutique is opening in my area so I would rather be able to make a choice of which bag I really want by seeing them all in real life. My problem is that when I received the lambskin it was in perfect condition but because I opened it to look inside and put some of my stuff in it, the leather has creased, even on the back of the bag, and there are some marks inside the bag just from touching it. I am scared that the Chanel boutique won't accept it back and give me a refund because they might say I damaged it even though all I did was open it and try out my stuff in it. Has anyone else returned a lambskin in this way?
  2. I don't mean to assume incorrectly but I got the impression the reason you wish to return the purss is because of the creases, etc. and not because you don't like the bag. Bags that get used will gain character as they move through life. We hope it's not food stains, paint, or children vomiting on our bags or in them.

    As for return policy, Chanel boutiques give 2 weeks in which to return the bag. All tags should be on the purse, in other words not used. It's not fair to pass along a damaged bag to someone who is going to pay full retail for it, imo.

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  4. It depends on the SA that you bought the bag from, she may not accept the return if the bag is not perfect as you say. In any case, Chanel don't refund your money unless the bag is faulty, they will only offer you an exchange or credit note. If the credit note is issued from a boutique then it cannot be used in the Chanel concessions i.e Selfridges and Harrods, only in the London Boutiques and Heathrow.
  5. Sound like you want to return it because it doesnt wear well and creases up way too easily. That sounds valid to me.
  6. Yeah,, what Luccibag said! It doesn't sound like a very practical bag. The marks on lambskin will rub out with a finger or some leather conditioner and s/a's are well aware of it. I was going to purchase a display wallet at a boutique and asked for a discount because the lambskin inside had marks from customers handling it. I was emphatically told NO, that Chanel does not discount for flaws. Instead, the s/a whipped out the leather conditioner, cleaned it up and tried to pass it off for good as new. I was like, "No thank you" and found a brand new, untouched wallet in another store.
  7. I personally would not return a bag if it is not the same condition as I received. I think it really depend on which S/A you have.

    I really love lambskin, just take extra care of it. Lambskin looks luxe and pretty. I love it.
  8. If all you did was put your stuff in it once and never went out with it or actually "used" it, I imagine returning it would be fine as long as you do it in the two week window. I mean, you would try it on in the store and maybe put a thing or two in it there just to be sure you liked it. I would hope that just trying it out wouldn't make the bag look used! Call and explain to the SA that you just tried it on, don't like how quickly it got creases from that one try on, and would prefer a different bag that wouldn't have those issues (maybe a non-lambskin bag). Hopefully they will be understanding- just keep in mind that by time all is said and done you might be facing buying your new bag after the price increase (right?). Good luck!
  9. I can't see how you could have damaged the bag by just putting some things inside to see how they fit.

    If all you did was try it on, then I think you should return it and tell them you changed your mind. But do it quickly, don't let the time pass for returns.
  10. I don't see why you wouldn't be able to return it as you didn't use it. I'm sure Chanel knows how easy it is for the lambskin to get marked by just handling. It doesn't hurt to try and see what happens.
  11. :wtf: honeybunch, i thought u exchange ur caviar for the lambskin because u didn't like the caviar feel and after u get ur exchange.. u r quite happy with the lambskin?? now u wanna return the lambskin?? oh..why why why...
  12. No, I do love the lambskin, it's beautiful but I wanted to return it because they are opening a Chanel boutique in my home city which I only found out about a few days ago. Even though I love the flap, I was worried when I received the flap that there might be a better bag out there for me which I just hadn't seen, so I would rather return the bag and be able to choose from a selection of bags and get one that maybe a like more because I have been able to see them in real life. Otherwise, if I keep this bag, I might end up going to the Chanel boutique in a couple of week's time and seeing my dream bag. Does this make sense?!!
  13. The leather just creased straight away from opening the bag! I wouldn't say it was particularly damaged, it just doesn't look how it did when I received it because it was perfect and now it is creased.
  14. If you are 100% sure that you love this bag, then keep it...
    There's a possibility that you might not see anything you like at the new boutique... what would you do then?
  15. I agree that if you love this bag, keep it. The last time I went to the Chanel boutique in Amsterdam (to exchange my cabas) there was nothing I would even have liked as a present.

    It looks as if things are not set to improve for Spring.

    But you would know best. And only the boutique can decide if they want it back, so better you contact them :smile:.

    Good luck!