Will Caramel Color Ever Return?

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  1. I've been daydreaming about the ideal travel bag, and I've concluded that it would be a Velo, in chèvre leather, in a warm caramel color. So, of course, I came here, began to research, and learned that there actually was a color CALLED "Caramel." :love eyes: It's ab-so-lute-ly perfect.

    So now . . . I'm in the odd position of having an HG bag that doesn't actually exist, as far as I know. LOL. What do you Balenciaga veterans think? Do they ever repeat colors? Do you think we'll ever get a chèvre Velo (I know they're doing the metal edge ones now; I don't prefer the extra hardware, but I'd take it) in a delicious warm neutral like Caramel or Camel?

    Back to my imaginary bag lust . . . :-s
  2. Thank you so much for the links! Ahhh, the caramel lambskin is lovely, but the caramel chèvre is just BEYOND. :love: If this combo ever appears in a Velo, I'm going to have to pounce on it immediately.

    Does anyone else have the perfect shape/color/leather combo (which may or may not exist, LOL) in mind?
  3. Could this work? I love this shade for my bags too..

  4. :woohoo:

    Ah, what a find! You ladies are so good at digging up treasures! Thank you for sharing!

    There's something about this caramel/camel color that seems off to me in the shiny lambskin, though . . . know what I mean? I look at pictures of these glorious older chèvre bags in this color, and they just look so much more substantial and, yes, chewy (it really is such a good word to describe it!). It seems like such a good match for the Velo shape, and especially for travel - like a bag out of Indiana Jones or something. :lol:
  5. The only problem I see with you finding the bag of your dreams is that the Velos were not in production when Bal made the divine chevre bags (2007 and before). Velos started in 2010. The newer LE chevre bags are a different animal from the oldies.
  6. I was wondering how the new chèvre compared to the old. It looks a lot stiffer. I actually wasn't attracted to it at all when I saw the Metallic Edge bags in the store, but I do like the idea of a more durable leather that breaks in a little differently than the lambskin.
  7. I have only had the new chevre in one bag, a black Velo. Most of my other bags have been of the original goatskin. The new chevre seems sturdier, thicker, stiffer, less glossy, certainly "chewy," but less ethereal. At the risk of over simplifying, to me it seems more similar to a refined calfskin, rather than to the old goatskin. I think it's a good choice for a bag that you'd want to hold up well to daily use.
  8. Such a great description; thank you so much! Do you find your new Velo heavy to carry?
  9. #13 Jun 6, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2016
    Ah, I had to give that some thought. I fell in love with the way the Velo looks in one of the photos of Charlize Theron carrying hers. Ha! Never mind, that she is stunning, I forgot that she is TALL!

    The Velo is not a heavy bag, but it feels so to me when worn crossbody. I think it hangs too low on me to feel comfortable. It hits me just below my hip, and is large enough to bump clumsily against my thigh when I walk, so I end up wanting to carry it by the handles, which defeats the beauty of having that great strap

    I always dreamed of somehow fitting a classic Work with a long strap, but after trying the Velo, I can see that the Work would feel gigantic carried that way.

    None of this would be true for Charlize, but I'm 5'5" on a good day.:P
  10. OMG, it's so lovely. I've been eyeing an orange First at my local consignment shop, but this caramel color is just SO wonderful on B-bags. I love it.

    Conni, I know what you mean!! I am 5'5" as well, and the Velo does hit me low. It didn't bother me when I tried it on in the store, but when it's full of all my stuff for a trip, and I'm lugging it through the airport . . . I can see that I'd almost rather just have a shoulder bag.