Will Canadians please speak up...(Miroir again)

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  1. LV keeps claiming that they have not received ANY Miroir shipment yet. The SA I talked to today says that Toronto will receive their shipment first, then Vancouver, then Calgary/Edmonton. He really did sound like he was telling the truth...but hey, he isn't my SA, so I can really trust him 100%. The additional things he told me:

    1. No deposit. Customers will be called and asked to come see the bags first and if they like it, they buy it.
    2. They don't know how many of each bag they will receive.
    3. They will call me once it's my turn.

    I am a little suspicious...so will anyone living in Canada and was waitlisted for the Miroir or has been to LV recently (ie, today) please tell me whether you received a call or saw the Miroir in stores or not?

    I will nag the SAs at Holt LV tomorrow, but if I get confirmation from some fellow Canadians, maybe I won't be as uptight about it (looking at everybody's pic, I REALLY want the silver pochette!!!)
  2. I do know that toronto recieved it today, and that a few more shipments will be made, but I DO know that the Bloor store in Toronto recieved them today according to my SA. But thats all I know, srry! :smile:
  3. i exactly know how u feeel .. hope u get the pochette soon :heart::flowers:
  4. Bumping this, in case anybody else knows or have gotten their Miroir today.
  5. Karman,

    I totally understand your frustration with Miroir. Canada is sooooooo slow with everything compared to everywhere else!!!

    1, 2 and 3, are all true. In Toronto, they make us sign a pre-authorization form for LEs. So that they can charge our CC immediately once the bag is in.

    Toronto has gotten their shipment already, and has already started calling ppl to pick up their bags. Every single miroir piece that has come in has already been allocated for, including all the pochettes, and most of what arrived has already been picked up. I've been on the list since March, but apparently there are quite a few people in front of me (damn Toronto!). Luckily my SA said there will be another second shipment shortly and I will be getting my bags then :yahoo:

    Banff has also gotten in their shipment already. At around 4pm last thurs (Dec 1st), I was on the phone with my lovely SA who told me out of the entire Miroir line, she had 1 silver mirror pochette left (available on the floor for anyone who walked in), but it sold before I hung up.

    It could be true that your HR hasn't received their shipment yet. It wouldn't surprise me that they would distribute to the bigger stores first, as they have the longer wait lists. I can't give you any info on HR, as I normally do not buy from HR LV.. but just keep bugging them!

    Hope that helps a bit! My SA kinda hinted to me that although there is a long list of ppl waiting for pochettes in Toronto, they are not very popular so far for the ppl who have already come to see them (meaning they didn't end up getting them and they are now avail to the next ppl on the list). So do not despair!!!

    I'll be on the lookout for you if any pochettes come up :yes:
  6. Karman, are you using your pc at home yet? I'm hoping you get your silver pochette miroir!!
  7. yes, 1, 2, 3, are all true. But I doubt that Toronto gets it first, Montreal is geographically closer to France so ughhhhh..... that info is wrong. I'm not personally interested in getting a miroir bag, so I dunno exactly when it'll be coming in, but last time I checked (about 3 weeks ago), my SA said Dec 1.....so i dunno. If you really want the Miroir bag, just relax and wait for the call, LV will NOT call every customer on the waitlist as soon as they get their shipment. They usually call their most loyal customers (usually the first people on the wait list) first and give them their chanceto purchase, and knowing that each person has 3 days to decide and that it takes time for the 2nd, 3rd...etc shipments....well people near the middle and end of the list will have to wait. They're not calling you because they're ignoring you, it's all first-come-first-serve according to the list. However, I do know (based on a semi-personal experience) that if you are SUPER close with your SA, then he/she can usually squeeze you into the waitlist.
  8. Thanks for the info middlemouse! I should've put my name down at the Banff LV but that means I would've had to get someone to drive me there to pick it up which is not a possibility these two weeks...
    And Cec, I THINK the SA I spoke to did mention Montreal first...along with Toronto.
  9. You're very welcome Karman! It's a pleasure to help out fellow Canadians :idea:

    In case you can get your hands on a silver papillon let me know!!! After I saw them IRL, I want the papillon in both colors!!! but I already have silver speedy, gold papillon, and silver alma on the waitlist, so my SA won't let me add anymore :hysteric:
  10. Banff is the best place to place an order for items that are limited. They ship to HR Calgary for free as well, although I love the drive! You just do a charge-send. This is how I get the majority of my LV purchases.
  11. Oooo I didn't know that. I definitely should've added my name for the pochette on the Banff list, since they had an extra one. Maybe I'd get it by now if I did that! :Push: AUGHH so angryyyy!

    But now I know! :yes:
  12. Yes, that's what I do!!! I just love Banff so much, coz they are always able to get me stuff that are sold out everywhere else! They just called me today -my SA found me a Silver Papillon !!! :yahoo: It's on its way to Toronto now!

    Now just waiting for the call for my gold pap and silver speedy, then I'll be all set!!! Comon Toronto, Hurry up!!! :hysteric: Maybe Banff will beat them again :Push:
  13. Hmmm maybe I should really call them to see if it's much much too late to ask them to call if their second shipment contains more silver pochettes...
    It'd be great if I could get one from the second shipment...I wonder if HR will get a second shipment?

    The thing is, I'd prefer to buy it from HR here than to have Banff ship it here! Ahhh decisions decisions...
  14. I find I never get anything from HR Calgary. There is just so much demand for such a little store/counter. Banff is much less traffic. I've only gotten one of my LV's from HR, all the rest have been ordered from Banff or Vancouver, simply because they didn't have them in stock. The one I did manage to get from HR was a staple and they always carried it.

    My fingers are crossed for you!
  15. Ok...just added my name to the Banff list...now I really regret not getting on that list earlier, because I probably would've had my pochette by NOW!
    I'm 4th...my fingers are crossed for the people before me to dislike the pochette!

    Anyways...how many of each bag do you think they'll receive in the second shipment...is the second shipment going to go in (to Banff) for sure, or were the SAs just saying maybe?