Will Bubble Quilt go ON SALE?

  1. I like the green color one, but since it's not a "classic" piece, I don't want to throw over $3000 and then end up with there's a sale price, you know...so what do you think ladies?I'm going to see the bag tomorrow. Need your opinions before I go please!Thank you!:smile:
  2. The bubble quilt is sold out in Chanel boutiques and in Europe, I doubt that there will be any to go on sale. In Toronto there is a waiting list 2 pages long!!! The Chanel SA said this is the most popular bag for the season. Good luck.
  3. i heard there wasn't any left in europe also (see shopping thread) some of them are asking for help from the U.S. so I doubt if it would be put on sale.
  4. Ok, thak you ladies, I feel much better now.....;)
  5. :wtf: the wait list is so long... is it for a specific color?? i mean i saw it at the short hills and the SA made no mention of a 2 page wait list!!!
  6. Toronto only has one store and there are no NM or Saks....pretty sad huh!
  7. ^^^Wow that would be a bummer!
  8. lots still at my NM today!
  9. We should always check NM and Saks etc. I was looking for a blue perforated tote, the SA in the boutique told me there was no way to find it because the line was completely sold out in the US, then I saw lots of them at both NM and Saks, even now they still have them. :nogood: