Will boutique hold bag?

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  1. Hi, has anyone ever called and asked an SA to put a bag on hold with a CC card as safe keeping? I know for the PCE they will do it for the pre-sale, but I am getting antzy about waiting until Thursday for a bag and want to ask them to hold it.

  2. I actually called my store today and they are holding my Francine for me . They will hold for 48 hours.
  3. im not too sure about that, never have asked to have a purse held. but it can't hurt to try...all they can say is no. so give 'em a ring!!
  4. Yeah they will especially if they know you!!!;)
  5. I asked over the phone to hold a bag and they said no... It was the orange pleated satchel. When I got in to purchase it later that day I told them that I had called earlier that day and they said "oh you should have told us your name and we would have held it!"

    So, yeah thats my experience for holds. Lucky for me they had one satchel left in the back.
  6. I never had to put anything on hold at a boutique store, but I have at the outlet store and they have been more than accomadating about it. Did you try doing a "store pick-up" from the website?
  7. Yes they will hold for you, no problem! Just make sure they really do it, though...I've experienced a couple of times where they appeared to have gotten busy and forgotten to place the hold. Fortunately at the boutique they had another bag, but at the outlet, they were sold out of the wristlet but still had the bag. So I had to scramble and find another wristlet elsewhere.
  8. They're usually really good about that. Especially since whom ever answers the call gets the sale when you come and pick it up!
  9. I have done this several times. You can hold for 48 hours without a CC, or longer with one.