Will be in TX, where to shop?

  1. So I will be in southern Texas next week, Mission/McAllen areas. I know there is a NM and I think a Macy's. Anywhere else I should go? Any deals or sales happening?
  2. There is a mall in McAllen called LaPlaza (the only mall there) and the website says there is a Dillards which I love :tup:. They have lots of designer brands and I think they are only in Texas and online.

    Have fun!
  3. Dillards is a midwest based retailor. The stores are just like Macy's; some of them are amazing and others suck really really bad. We have one here, but it only carries BCBG, Ugg, Donald Pligner, Coach, Cole Haan, ect. Nothing spectacular. No good handbags.
    But I guess it is worth checking out since it is like Macy's?
  4. Not great shopping. No NM, just Dillards and Macys in La Plaza mall. Joe Brand (also in La Plaza mall) is the best store for high end stuff. There are a couple of Marshalls and a TJ Maxx, but they're hit/miss like anywhere.
  5. We have dillards here in Louisiana. Ours is not that great. I have to go to Houston or New Orleans for real shopping.
  6. The only really good shopping I get done in TX is at the Houston Galleria and some hit or miss stuff at the San Marcos Outlet mall. Have a great trip though!
  7. Ah yes, Dillards is the store I was thinking of. It has been a few years since being there. Oh well, never hurts to check things out. Maybe I will get lucky! Thanks :flowers: