Will be in Paris next week what should I do???

  1. Oh lady's I have been craving for a new bag but holding back to find a 05 black work in mint condition.

    So should I go ahead and get a 07 work during my stay or a SGH steel work or or alittle violet......was attracted to the steel SGH RTT as well or should I be good and avoid any shops selling Bal and wait for my 05?
    Upfront I can't do both, hubby is getting me a really nice watch and I just can't ask for more :nogood:(I am a sahm).
  2. Cat why don't you look at the new colors while your are there and if you don't really love any thing then hold out for your mint 05 Work.;):heart:
  3. You meen taking a little glance won't hurt? Hmmmm probabely right, can't wait to go.
  4. let us know what the 08 colors are like if you see anything.
  5. Cat: Have a great trip! You can't go to Paris with at least having a little look:graucho: A Steel Work would be fab:drool:
  6. YES~ you have to go to the store and have a look at the colors!!!
  7. cat, why don't you call ahead and ask what colors they have right now? don't forget about Printemps, I used to have a really nice SA there, Claire, not sure if she is still there. Tell us what you find out!! Have a great trip!
  8. Yes it's Claire. I am leaving today and I don't have much time to run around so I think it will just be the printemps (best place since the weather is supposed to be lousy).
    I wanted to call but decided against it I am ready to be surprised hopefully in a positive way!!!:graucho:
  9. Cat, I'm in the same situation: I'm thinking about a 05 work, but none show up so I'm seriously thinking to get a 07 one since the leather is so fabulous!
    Good luck, have fun and shop wisely!
  10. I say go to Printemps (Claire is AWESOME and will help you mull over choices and leather) - my choice might be the plomb 07 work - because the 07 leather is fabulous and in two years it will probably be alot like an 05. I stack my 07 next to my 05 and the only real difference is that the 05 is broken in lovely, the 07 will get there soon...HAVE FUN!!
  11. try for an 07 if you see something that fancies you. the 05 work will find you when the time is right =D

    and be sure to sneak into the balenciaga show for us! =D