Will Balenciaga stay popular?


Still Hot or Not?

  1. Still hot, and will be for a LONG TIME

  2. Still hot, but won't last long

  3. Not as popular anymore, but will be around for a little longer

  4. not as popular anymore, and will be gone soon

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  1. LADIES FROM THE BALENCIAGA FORUMS.. please don't kill me... its just something i thought about and wanted the views of a more GENERAL audience~!!

    Balenciaga hit us purse addicts so hard and so quickly~!!! I was just wondering if you guys think it will stay in style for a long way to come or if it will start to slowly fade away soon...because many times when something become so HOT so fast.. it goes away fast as well.

    Will you say that balenciagas are still as hot as it was last year or even 2 years ago, or has it fade a little already??
  2. I love them, personally. (Although I don't have the budget to own one yet...)They have that French "effortlessly cool" look and I think that they're classics in the making. Someone in the Bal forum said that they were the younger, hipper sister of the Birkin/Kelly bags. Fitting, as Ms. Charlotte Gainsbourg, daughter of Jane Birkin, carries one.
  3. I think those bags will fetch a lot of money still in the future.
    Balenciaga will keep us humming for a long time.
  4. personally I've loved Bbags for about 5 years now, and I just keep getting excited every year seeing new colors come out!
  5. I love the bags, although I have yet to own one. They are definitely more down to earth looking than say, LV or Gucci but the quality is definitely what keeps it popular. The following may be fewer, but those that are BBag Lovers are enthusiasts to the core
  6. I've always loved them, and I enjoy seeing them on so many celebs!
  7. Well, it's actually pretty impressive that they've managed to stick around for so long. I think I first saw them about 7(?) years ago...the first two celebs I saw with it were Gweneth Paltrow and Madonna. I LOVED it! It seems like a trend that's not going to die anytime soon.
  8. I just read an interview with Cameron Silver, a premier vintage boutique owner, and he said "Balenciaga's motorcycle bag is the first 'it' bag from the 21st century to become classic non "it" it bag."
  9. hmmm... interesting...:idea:
  10. I think Balenciaga will last for a loooooooooong time. It is very easy to get addicted to it because of the uniqueness of its leather, gorgeous seasonal colors and simple but practical design. I love Balenciaga! :heart:
  11. ITA!
  12. i think it'll be around for more years to come...
  13. This question gets asked every year!

    Yes I think they will stay around. If not, I'll still proudly wear mine. Cause I love em!
  14. I think they are here to stay. There are so many colors and different sizes...Balenciaga Bags are here to stay!

    (thank goodness!)
  15. I still use mine all the time and STILL get compliments on it. They are just so gorgeous that everyone loves them!