Will Balenciaga ever do colours like 2004, 2005?

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  1. I had a bubblegum pink bbag and sold it and now have a rouge vif. I do not mean to offend anyone that has this seasons colours but I think that the 2004 2005 colours are by far the best, the seafoam, yellow, magenta, apple green etc, they were so bright and vibrant and the leather was so lovely. Does anyone think Baleniaga will ever do s:yes: imilar colours again?
  2. oooh i wish :p
  3. I hope they do another eggplant color!!!!!!!!!
  4. i hope soooo :yahoo:
    i would collect all the mini purses and porte monnaie!!! :party:
  5. They'll come around -- everything moves in cycles. I expect SS08 is going to blow us away.

    We'll see the bright, vivid colors again!
  6. i hope so... i am swooning over the yellow on eBay and crying because my money tree died during the freeze so i couldn't buy rondafaye's eggplant... and there was a teal on eBay that would've been awesome.....

    :::crosses fingers::::: bring them back!!!!!
  7. I am hoping they do even if it is just a few in smaller quanties each season. I would love to send them the link to the thread about the 07 fall/winter colors.
  8. I agree that those were some of Balenciaga's best colors.

    Ah rouge theatre.....
  9. I think everyone on this board should email them with color requests. Maybe they will listen. It can't hurt. Nothing ventured nothing gained.:graucho:
  10. i dunno, s/s07- vert gazon, vert d'eau, vermillion- all pretty bright.

    I hope spring 08 has more WARM brights- like a vivid orange, yellow and purple to balance out the blues/greens thing they've been on for so long.
  11. i am guessing we should all just save our money for the season they bring back some real colors. like purple and pinks!
  12. don't get me started...i've been craving rouge theatre, apple green and (my holy grail) anis.

    in my opinion, the bright colors set balenciaga apart from other designer bags. the recent seasons are helping them to blend into the crowd, not distinguish the brand. one could argue the giant hardware is an attempt, but...well...i'd rather see vibrant colors.

    where should i send my e-mail requests for brighter colors?
  13. I so desperately hope so !!! I agree that 04 and 05 have the BEST colors !

  14. AGREE!!! I think that's the ONLY way all of us that want an eggplant are going to get one!! (fingers crossed...) ;)
  15. I agree!!!